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About Toorgle

Toorgle stands as a beacon in the world of torrent search engines, providing a seamless interface that combines various torrent protocols. Beyond just being a search engine, we offer standard search results wrapped securely in our unique P2P proxy wrapper. This innovative approach ensures that Toorgle users' IP and device details remain shielded from external websites. As we look ahead, there are plans to expand Toorgle’s P2P proxy in early 2024, aiming to encompass all Torrent search outcomes.

We don't host torrents directly. Instead, Toorgle redirects users to reliable third-party hosts, opening doors to an expansive array of torrent sources. This ensures a rich depth of content at the user's fingertips. However, we're not oblivious to the challenges. The torrent ecosystem has sometimes been marred by tracking of IP, device data, and the lurking danger of malicious files. Toorgle, with its relentless focus, is developing sophisticated tools to protect users from these threats.

Surveillance continues to intensify in today's digital landscape. Challenges like ISP targeting, corporate copyright traps, and nation-state data breaches make headlines daily. This is where Toorgle comes to the forefront. Led by an elite team of privacy-centric developers and designers, we're on a mission: to establish a secure haven where users can share and source files, free from the snags of privacy breaches.